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¤ PangYa "Fantasy Golf Game Online"


¤ Everyone, Any Age, Any Gender Can Enjoy!

PangYa is a casual golf game that takes difficult rules of golf and transforms it into cute and easy to understand format so that everyone can enjoy it together.
This is the game for those who didn't fit in with the "gaming" crowd. However, this is not just a simple game. As you play, you find more and more things to do, and you will find yourself deeply submerged in the PangYa.

¤ Simple, Intuitive User Interface!

Based on Windows™ OS, PangYa connector allows anyone who has used Windows™ to easily connect, play, and chat with other players.
Forget about sad memories of difficult interfaces. Just click the simple, intuitive icons in PangYa connectors, and you will be playing PangYa in no time!

¤ Opponent is not your enemy!

First rule of PangYa is manner. Unlike other online games, other players are not your enemy, but rather partners who will be alongside you. In competitions where all kinds of emotions such as anxiety, anger, challenge and happiness can surface, the enemy is the player himself!
Do not think of the other players as your enemy. Fight your concentration and control to be the real winner!

¤ True Next Generation Online Game!

Active camera work, immersive game play, smooth and funny character motion, and full 3D background almost make PangYa look like a high quality video game.
In Korea's overflowing online game market, PangYa will give you fresh entertainment and excitement.

¤ Mini PangYa

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